Optimize Your Equipment Cost Per Hour

Leasing provides an affordable way to update and upgrade business equipment, preserving cash for other needs. The choice between Fair Market Value (FMV) and capital leases can significantly impact operational efficiency and financial health. To make the best choice, it’s crucial to understand leasing option advantages, particularly in terms of cost per hour.   THE […]

Innovative Financing: Accelerating Canada’s Clean Technology Tax Credit Transformation

            Our ambitious foray into clean technology and its pursuit of net-zero targets have taken center stage, echoing through Canadian government and corporate corridors alike. In a defining move, the Canadian government, in March 2023, unveiled a suite of investment tax credits (ITCs) aimed at accelerating the nation’s decarbonization drive, […]

Finance’s Role in Making the Clean Technology Tax Credit Manifest

        Creative financing can be a game-changer to accelerate return on investments from sustainable projects by Grant MacFarlane   Investments in clean technology and net zero targets are being mandated across the board, at every level of government in Canada as well as within corporations. In March 2023, the Canadian government announced […]

Applying Acquisition Experience for Success: First Financial Equipment Leasing Expands into Canada

Monitor recently caught up with Tom Slevin, founder and CEO, and Brian Dundon, SVP corporate development at First Financial Equipment Leasing ahead of their company’s acquisition of NorFund, an independent leasing company specializing in capital equipment, solar and alternative energy and vendor finance programs.   First Financial Equipment Leasing announced its expansion into Canada in […]