Distinguished Leaders in Human Resources 2024


As Vice President of Human Resources, Amy Yeager independently manages the company’s HR operations with a hands-on and strategic approach. Her contributions to the organization’s growth and success have been significant, as she has developed policies, procedures, and systems that have increased efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, Yeager has instilled a culture of excellence and innovation that benefits the company and its employees.

During the past three years, she effectively managed the company’s rapid growth, which included expanding to 13 states across the US and Canada and increasing headcount by 95%. Yeager implemented new programs to streamline procedures, such as enhancing the recruiting methods and new hire orientation to improve onboarding, writing and implementing HR policies, enhancing employee benefits offerings, establishing employee recognition programs, revamping the performance management and review processes, and implementing ongoing learning and development opportunities.

Yeager’s contributions to the company’s growth and success are immeasurable, as evidenced by her hard work and dedication, which have enabled the company to achieve its strategic objectives while maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Her innovative approach to HR management has created a culture of excellence and innovation that has positively impacted the company and its employees.


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