Feel better about healthcare leasing.

Your vision to put patients first is our reality. We are well positioned to help you bring the most advanced technology and highest level of care to your patients.

Our Approach

We have seen the healthcare industry evolve immensely over the years, and much of that change has been driven by technology.

By adopting emerging technologies and equipment, healthcare organizations are improving outcomes for patients and doctors alike. But for some, staying on pace with rapid advancements in technology while keeping budgets in check can be quite challenging.

At First Financial Healthcare we understand the complexities of the healthcare industry. We can help you navigate through budgetary restrictions and industry regulations so you can focus on what matters most – your patients.

As technology continues to revolutionize our lives, the greatest advancements are happening within healthcare. What we once considered emerging technologies – telemedicine, EHRs, and robotic surgery – are all becoming commonplace. We’re excited for the future of healthcare and the possibilities it holds for our customers.

John Sandoval

Chief Operating Officer

Our Solutions

Our lease financing solutions are designed to conserve capital and offer affordable access to often expensive, yet increasingly critical, advanced technologies and equipment.

We work with your needs in mind to develop a long-term procurement plan for your technology acquisitions so you can upgrade your facilities while maximizing budget flexibility. And when it is time to replace your equipment, we will handle the assets’ disposition, so you can focus on patient care, not technology.

By leasing medical equipment instead of purchasing, our customers maintain a competitive edge in attracting and serving patients while also enjoying significant cost savings. At First Financial Healthcare, our team will work with you every step of the way to acquire the equipment and technology you need now and in the future.

Regional Vice Presidents

Robert Larscheid

Western US

Kristin Brown

Southern US

Channing Lyon

Northeastern US

First Financial helped our small hospital when we needed to find aggressive rates to upgrade and purchase some equipment. They responded quickly to any questions we had and were willing to work through our concerns. First Financial was professional and personal to our small-town hospital!”

Jackson Shatraw

Director of Supply Chain Management