Building solid financial foundations.

We take a hands-on approach in constructing leasing solutions at the right cost and best terms so you can quickly acquire the equipment and tools you need for growth and expansion.

Our Approach

Construction equipment can come with a hefty price tag, making it challenging to find the necessary equipment without straining finances or disrupting cash flow. First Financial Equipment Leasing offers construction equipment acquisition plans that allow businesses to preserve cash while obtaining the
equipment required to meet evolving business demands.


Our construction industry pros have a detailed knowledge of your industry and the challenges facing your business. They take an individual approach to get you the assets you need quickly and with an efficient turnaround time. By working with you side by side through the acquisition process, we will create a solution that aligns with your current needs and budget while preparing for future upgrades and seasonal fluctuations.

The First Financial’s construction team leader is a pillar in the Equipment/Crane finance industry, his professionalism and knowledge are unmatched. I say this because of the 20-year history we have behind us and many more ahead of us.

Jeff Reichert,

Finance Manager Columbus Equipment Company

Our Solutions

Over the last two decades, we have developed long-lasting relationships with manufacturers, dealers, and vendors throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. By putting our industry connections and expertise to work for you, we can help your business access the latest equipment and cover costly expenses without having to tie up capital resources.

A well-executed construction equipment acquisition plan from First Financial Equipment Leasing will increase profitability, accommodate growth and reduce the risks associated with maintaining outdated assets. Having the right equipment at the right price will allow your business to push forward onto more significant projects and build a solid foundation for future expansion.

First Financial Equipment Leasing offers construction equipment leasing for assets in the following classes.

Construction Equipment:

  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Aggregates, Crushing, and Screening
  • Compact Construction Equipment
  • Concrete Plants, Mixers, and Paving Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Dirt Moving Equipment
  • Materials Processing
  • Mining & Minerals Processing
  • Rental Fleet Equipment

Working with First Financial, you get the best personalized customer care.  The team is patient, knowledgeable and has our organization’s best interest at heart.

Yolanda Pena

Dir. Materials Management