How Will You Stay Ahead in 2020

Worried About Staying Ahead of Your Competition?

Offer Your Customers Solutions That Others Don’t

In today’s competitive business climate, it takes more than just a great reputation and excellent service to win projects and grow your business. By offering financing options to your customers, you provide solutions your competitors may not.

The material handling and warehouse automation industry is achieving robust growth, but many companies lack the capital to proceed with a project…even though the ROI is obvious. This is where we come in. First Financial Material Handling & Automation is an independent leasing company that helps many manufacturers, dealers and suppliers win business. A 3-7 year lease for new equipment may be far easier to justify as your customer pays for your solution while they gain the productivity benefit. We can even wrap “soft costs” such as delivery, installation, software, and engineering into your lease.

From forklifts to fully automated distribution centers, we help our customers utilize world class technology to stay ahead of what’s next. We serve a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, consumer products, and logistics and can write business in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  I can assure you that the right financial package wrapped around your solution will help your sales team win more business.

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