IT Leasing Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses

Equip your business for the future by leasing new technology equipment and IT solutions.


Equipment Leasing Solutions Optimized for Small to Medium Businesses Financing $100,000-$500,000

First Financial Equipment Leasing understands the challenges of acquiring critical technology and software solutions at a manageable cost while remaining adaptable as your technology needs grow. When budgets are under unprecedented pressure and facing competing demands for capital, leasing equipment is a sound, fiscally responsible alternative to buying.

During the equipment acquisition process, we will work closely with you to develop tailored leasing structures that match your financial needs with your technical requirements. We will consult with you about equipment lifecycles, market pricing evaluations, and industry best practices and share ideas on maximizing your produc- tivity and financial efficiency. Leveraging all the available options, we can tailor a cost-effective solution that works harder and smarter to promote the profitability and competitiveness of your business.


About First Financial

  • Privately held lender specializing in the acquisition of Construction & Heavy Equipment, Healthcare, IT Solutions and Services, Material Handling & Automation, and Renewable Energy & Solar.
  • For over 20 years, we have provided financing solutions designed to conserve capital and offer affordable access to often expensive yet increasingly critical, advanced technologies and equipment.
  • Part of a global network and the JA Mitsui Leasing family of companies. JA Mitsui is a joint venture of Mitsui & Co. (2022 revenue $96B) and Norinchukin Bank (2022 assets totaling $1.05 Trillion).


Benefits of Lease Financing with First Financial

  • Companies appreciate that by leasing their project, they gain the benefit of new technology solutions, with minimal upfront costs.
  • Leasing can help drive day one savings due to the cost and productivity efficiencies that far exceed the monthly lease cost.
  • Leasing conserves capital and provides 100% financing with no down payment required.
  • Option to bundle equipment and services, maintenance, extended warranty, and insurance – all in one convenient payment.
  • Eliminates the expensive inconvenience of managing outdated equipment.
  • Flexibility at end of term allows purchase of the equipment or upgrade to newer equipment to maximize efficiency.


Dave Sanborne, National Sales Manager