Boosting Investments in Sustainable Infrastructure

Our finance solutions enable companies to harness the power of green energy for a cleaner tomorrow.

Our Approach

Lease Financing for renewable energy equipment, resources and projects is the cornerstone of First Financial Canadian Leasing’s business. Our team of experienced professionals will provide your business with the resources needed to overcome common financing barriers and secure capital to achieve your
economic and environmental goals.

We stand committed to assisting companies to adopt affordable and reliable energy sources and have financed over $80MM in Canadian solar assets and ventures.

At First Financial, we help our customers develop and finance clean, profitable, renewable energy projects which will transform our economy and help achieve our climate change goals. Given the recent support from the Government of Canada, providing Investment Tax Credits and accelerated depreciation now is the time for our customer to invest in renewable energy solutions.

Robert MacFarlane

Senior Vice President

Our Solutions

For most businesses, the initial capital investment of transitioning to clean energy can be too significant to overcome. First Financial has a deep expertise in managing renewable energy investments and projects and can tailor each transaction to ensure our clients receive 100% financing of their costs.

By leasing these assets, monthly payments can be substantially lower than traditional debt payments or direct cash outlay, and include the option to bundle equipment and services, maintenance, extended warranty, and insurance – all in one convenient payment. Leasing can also drive a day-one savings due to the cost and productivity efficiencies far exceeding the monthly lease cost. Regardless of the project size and scope, our leasing solutions stabilize cash flow and preserve lines of credit for other operational needs, investments, or unforeseen expenditures.

First Financial Canadian Leasing Offers Financing for Emerging Solar and Renewable Energy Sources Powering the Future.

Solar Energy:

  • Net Metering, Power Purchase Agreements
  • Construction financing and progress payments
  • Ground Mount projects, Rooftop Projects, Community Solar

Wind Energy:

  • Net Metering, Power Purchase Agreements
  • Construction financing and progress payments

Renewable Energy

  • Geothermal Energy Systems
  • Biomass projects and Equipment

Energy Management and Recapture:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits
  • Cogeneration/Combined Heat & Power Systems
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

The team at First Financial has established themselves as experts in structuring and financing solar and renewable energy projects in Canada. They are a trusted financial partner as they understand the intricacies of solar and renewable energy financing. Their flexibility and industry expertise help us to maximize the economics of each project.

John Kozak

COO, Solar Flow-Through Funds