Get the latest version of IT leasing.

Our technology asset refresh programs let you acquire the latest hardware and software at a manageable cost while remaining adaptable as your technology needs grow over time.

Our Approach

At First Financial Canadian Leasing, we finance the technology your business needs to succeed.

Emerging IT trends continue to change and improve the way we all do business. And as technology continues to progress, it is vital for business owners to keep pace with the latest advancements in IT.

While essential for streamlining operations and efficiencies, the acquisition of new equipment can be an expensive prospect, one that many companies may not be able to afford. Making a traditional purchase outright can put a serious strain on a company’s cash flow and tie up working capital.

We partner with companies across various industries to develop technology asset refresh programs and leasing solutions that help them achieve the most ROI from their IT investments. By choosing to lease instead making a cash purchase, our customers reduce upfront costs, preserve working capital, and keep bank lines of credit available for other business needs.

The success and survival of every business, regardless of industry or size, is dependent upon its willingness to embrace technology and innovative tools. With deep roots in technology leasing, we leverage two decades of expertise to keep our customers moving forward and two steps ahead of obsolescence.

Thomas Slevin


Our Solutions

We have specialized in leasing technology for decades and understand having access to the latest technology is a necessity for any organization. Our goal is to help you profit from the productivity of the technology while avoiding potentially risky investments in the equipment itself.

Our technology financing experts can help you implement a technology refresh and lease strategy that keeps your business ahead of the curve, while remaining on a predictable IT budget to conserve your working capital. You can select programs that ensure you have the means for frequent updates, offer tax benefits, and keep your budget in check.

Leasing also enables you to acquire the latest technology without the fear of your equipment becoming quickly outdated or even obsolete. With adaptable end-of-term options, leasing gives you today’s best technology and allows you to upgrade when the equipment has outlived its advantage.

Whether expanding your IT infrastructure, upgrading hardware, or adopting new software, our technology asset refresh programs are designed to keep pace with the ever-changing technology needs of your business.

Let the technology financing experts at First Financial Canadian Leasing help you choose a plan in alignment with your strategy and financial goals.

We provide capital for implementing the latest in cybersecurity, cloud-based solutions, SAAS and IT.


  • User Computing (Desktop, Laptops, Tablets), Local Data Storage, Cell Phones, Monitors & Projectors
  • Networking: Routers, Switches, WiFi Hot Spots
  • Video Conferencing
  • Printers, Scanners & Print Supplies
  • Servers and Server Management

Software / Services (Saas):

  • Cyber Security
  • Business Applications, Document Management
  • ERP and System
  • Datacenter: Cloud / Stack Solutions
  • Energy Management and Recapture: Solar, Captive Power Solutions (Fuel Cell), Lighting Retrofit

Working with First Financial, you get the best personalized customer care.  The team is patient, knowledgeable and has our organization’s best interest at heart.

Yolanda Pena

Dir. Materials Management