Maximize Tax Savings Through Section 179 Tax Incentives

Maximize Tax Savings While Buying New or Used Equipment Through Section 179 Tax Incentives Maximizing your tax savings is always a smart financial decision, and the Section 179 tax incentives for fixed assets make it easier than ever to do so while purchasing new or used capital equipment. By taking advantage of this rule, you […]

Why Equipment Financing Remains a Viable Option Despite Rising Interest Rates

Investing in new equipment can be a wise decision for businesses that wish to secure their financial future in the current high-inflation environment. A new study issued by MHEDA reported that despite warnings of a looming recession, new orders for material handling equipment are predicted to increase until early 2024. The study highlights the resilience […]

Technology Equipment Financing For K-12

Technology Leasing Programs for the Classroom. Solutions First.   Equip your students and educators for success by leasing new technology equipment and IT solutions. At First Financial Equipment Leasing, we understand the specific challenges facing K-12 school districts and educational institutions. Our leasing solutions are explicitly designed to assist customers with limited resources and budgets. […]

IT Leasing Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses

Equip your business for the future by leasing new technology equipment and IT solutions.   Equipment Leasing Solutions Optimized for Small to Medium Businesses Financing $100,000-$500,000 First Financial Equipment Leasing understands the challenges of acquiring critical technology and software solutions at a manageable cost while remaining adaptable as your technology needs grow. When budgets are […]