Capitalizing on the Benefits of Automation Through Leasing

First Financial Provides Record Levels of New Automation Technology Financing Today’s e-commerce driven economy is placing a massive burden on distribution centers and warehousing systems, which is being further strained by labor limitations. As online shopping continues to skyrocket, supply chains are suffering severe disruptions. Businesses are working desperately to keep pace with increasing customer […]

Balancing Business Growth, Capital Equipment Needs and Liquidity During COVID-19

Throughout most of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic roiled financial markets, threatening businesses and impeding access to capital.  While many companies needed to invest in their infrastructure, most tended toward managing liquidity rather than buying equipment outright.  To complicate matters, capital markets tightened their lending standards.  Yet despite being a cash-sensitive year, 39% of manufacturing businesses increased their […]

How Will You Stay Ahead in 2020

Worried About Staying Ahead of Your Competition? Offer Your Customers Solutions That Others Don’t In today’s competitive business climate, it takes more than just a great reputation and excellent service to win projects and grow your business. By offering financing options to your customers, you provide solutions your competitors may not. The material handling and […]